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2022--The American Prize; 2nd Place: Music-Social Justice Related.  3rd Place:  Professional Choral Composition, Short-form (Both awards for FORBEARANCE)

2021--City Arts Corps Award (in conjunction with the New York Foundation for the Arts)

2020--Bronx Council on the Arts ARTS Award for a New Composition/Project (FORBEARANCE)

2015:  Bronx BRIO Award for Musical Composition

2015--IAWM International Conference Winning Score (QUEENS SUITE)

2007-2023--ASCAPlus Awards (2007-2011); 2018, 2023

2008, First Place--FOR WOMEN ONLY Composition Contest (New York Treble Singers) (GIRLY  HURLY BURLY)



Vocal Concert Review:  "Tamara Cashour’s Five Introits followed. Conceived for the brief, crucial and defining introductory moment of Protestant services that open the liturgy, these five extremely short works were jewels of effective musical writing: each work captured the essence of the sacred text coherently and immediately. As a Hart Longs was a paradigm of spiritual yearning; Be Strong and of Good Courage! was operatic in its noble vigor; O Sing Unto the Lord a New Song danced." ---Jean Ballard Terepka for Theatrescene, May  31, 2018.

Instrumental Concert Review: "Tamara Cashour‘s original intention with her Two Short Pieces was to combine the highest and lowest orchestral instruments. Ultimately, she opted for solo works instead. Barto trilled her way through the first one on piccolo. Harry Searing followed, steady, thoughtful and serious on contrabassoon for the second: to the composer’s credit, she managed to avert the trap where a device like a fanfare or a jovial stroll can get unintentionally droll if you take it far enough down the scale."---delarue for New York Music Daily. February 14, 2023. Fun With New Pieces From the New York Composers Circle | New York Music Daily (




Gale Archer (organ composition) *** Bronx Concert Singers (choral work) *** Miriam de Leon (musical theatre arrangements) ***Carol Stone (song cycle) ***

Mark Northcross (chamber music work for strings and vocal trio S,M,T) ***OperAvant, Inc. (theatre incidental music)*** Elizabeth Szynczak (blues/jazz/indie arrangements)




LOVE IS NOT A SUBARU:  String Quartet & Country/Western Guitar. World premiere (full version):  11-2017/DiMenna Ctr for Classical Music, NYC/The Klang Quartet.  World premiere (abridged version):  2-2017/Vermont College of Fine Arts/The Spektral Quartet (grammy nominated)


QUEENS SUITE­:  Suite in 7 movements for Violin, Viola, Cello and Harp:  World premiere:  11-2013/Queens College, LeFrak Concert Hall, NYC/freelance players.  Other performances at:  Symphony Space, University of Roma di Tor Vergata, at the “Two Lands, One Voice”  Festival, National Opera Center


eMIly Dickinson:  toward TECH-NO-l0gy:  Actress/Pianist (Emily Dickinson) and Male Countertenor Voice.  Featuring “Wild Nights” from song cycle Emily Unleashed and additional script/IPAD & compatible visual/audio technologies  World premiere: 3-2015/DiMenna Ctr (Part I only, of 7-this is a work in progress which explores variant levels of technologies, from the rank primitive, to the super-sophisticated)/Tamara Cashour, piano; Biraj Birkakarty, countertenor/actor 


POLLYPIANO:  Diorama in 7 movements for Saxophone Quartet and Piano.  World premiere: 02-2010/St. Peters Citicorp, NYC/The Manhattan Quartet/Tamara Cashour, piano 

TRIO OF THE TROUBLED EARTH: Violin, Piano, Cello.  World premiere:  1-22-2020/New York Opera Center/New York Composers Circle


RIDE ON KING JESUS!:  SATB Choral for 24-voice chorus, piano.  World premiere:  05-2019/St. Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church, Parkchester, Bronx/The Bronx Concert Singers, Robert Rene Galvan, director.     View/Listen:


GIRLY HURLY BURLY:  Choral Burlesque for SSAA, Piano, 2 Violins, Piano, Hurdy Gurdy or Bagpipe (FIRST PLACE WINNER 2008 FOR WOMEN ONLY Composition Contest for Choral Writing). World premiere:  04-2008/Christ & St. Stephens Church, NYC/The New York Treble Singers, Virginia Davidson, conductor.


HARD SPRING/SPUYTEN DUYVIL BLUES:  SATB Vocal Jazz,  World premiere:   02-2018/The Vermont College of Fine Arts, Montpelier/Counterpoint Quartet


REVELATION 22:  SATB Choral for 40-voice chorus, 8-voice soli chorus, Organ, Piano, Actress-Pianist, Baritone Singer-Actor


FORBEARANCE:  SATB Choral for large chorus, birdcallers, electronics View/Listen:

SACRED and SECULAR INTROITS:   short 8-20 bar compositions for Soloist, SATB or SAB choral.   Acapella or with piano/organ.  originally written for the Presbyterian Church of New Rochelle Sunday Choir.  Titles include:  *Joshua 10:25, Isaiah 6:10+, The Good Samaritan, The Canaanite Woman, *As a Hart Longs, *Jacob Said, Hebrews 13^, It is a Spring Afternoon, *Hymn of Resurrection, *Sing Unto the Lord a New Song

+World premiere:  07-2016/Scuola Cantorum, Paris France/EAMA soloists (European American Musical Alliance

*World premieres:  05-2018/Church of the Transfiguration, NYC/C-4 Choral Ensemble (see review at top of this resume)

^World premiere:  Barnard College, NYC/The Barnard-Columbia Chamber Singers




CITY SKETCHES:  4 songs.  World premiere: 08-2013/The 47th Street Theatre, NYC (NY version)/Amy Goldman, alto belt; Lauren Lindsey, actress; Aram Tchobanian, baritenor; Miguel Rodriguez, tenor; 11-2013/Golden Fleece Composers Chamber Theatre, Studios 353,  NYC (Amsterdam version)/Wilma Wever, soprano; Ali Lee, soprano; Aram Tchobanian, baritenor; Maurio Hines, tenor


  1.  Leda Lovely Leda:  Tenor, Ingenue Soprano/Dancer, Harpsichord/Organ

  2. Entrance/Scena of The Shadow:  Baritenor. Synthesizer, Acoustic Piano

  3. Pandora’s Box: Alto/Belt.  Pit Orchestra: Piano, Synth, Trumpet, Whistle, Double Bass, Drum Set and archaic instruments if available (Serpent, Ophicleide)

  4. Summer Night: Pop/Easy Listening Tenor.  Alto Sax, Mellophone, Semi-Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Latin Percussion (Toms, Shakers, etc.)


SARAH'S GONE BUT THE HAIRSTYLE LIVES ON:   Soprano or Mezzo Belt, Piano.  A spoof on the campaign tactics of 2008 Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin, for:  Lifesize Baby Doll, Shotgun, Lava Lamp, Rubber Chicken (with whoopee soundbox), Plaid Suit, Raincoat, American Rifle magazine, Barbie Doll w/changeable costume, Ken costume, Party Balloon and 2 Kielbasas. World premiere: 12-2008/Golden Fleece Ltd. Composers Chamber Theatre, Studios 453, NYC/Tamara Cashour, soprano & pianist.  Available on DVD


SALOME, “YOU GO TO MY HEAD”:  Soprano, Baritone, Synthesizer



2 LYRICS OF LORD BYRON:   Soprano, Piano.  World premiere:  04-1983/Casa Italiana, Columbia University, NYC/Tamara Cashour, soprano
   From “The Incantation”
   So We’ll Go No More A’ Roving

   Take O Take Those Lips Away – World premiere:  05-1983/Columbia University Casa Italiana/NYC
   O Mistress Mine –  World premiere:  06-2002/Genesis Opera Arias & Sonnets Series/Cami Hall, NYC
        also:  01-2012/Bloody Fire, Unchaste Desire theatre production, Theatre Lab, NYC 


3 POEMS OF HO XUAN HUONG: Soprano, Piano.  World premiere: 07-1988, Franklin Furnace, NYC
   The Jackfruit
   Carved on a Betel Nut, To Be Presented To A Guest
   A Buddhist Priest

 EMILY UNLEASHED, 4 LYRICS OF EMILY DICKINSON:  commissioned by and dedicated to the memory of Carol Stone

    1.   Wild Nights -- Soprano, Piano– World premiere: 02-2007, Symphony Space, NYC, Tamara Cashour, soprano.  2nd performance:  featured in  eMIly Dickinson:  toward TECH-NO-logy:  03-2015/DiMenna Center/Tamara Cashour, pianist; Biraj Birkakarty, countertenor (See:  CHAMBER MUSIC). 
   2.   Ample Make this Bed  -- Soprano, Piano– World premiere: 02-2009, Symphony Space, NYC
   3.    I'm Nobody, Who are You -- Soprano, YAMAHA ES Motif Synthesizer -- World premiere: 2006, Golden Fleece Ltd. Composers Chamber Theatre, Studios 453, NYC
   4.  Hope Is The Thing -- Soprano, Contralto, Piccolo, Harp, Prepared Piano– World premiere: 02-2009/Symphony Space, NYC/Marcia Eckhardt, piano; Tamara Cashour, soprano and harp, Margaret O'Connell, mezzo-soprano; Michael Laderman, piccolo.

SIX LYRICS OF MARILYN HACKER.  Lyrics from "Going Back To The River":  Mezzo-Soprano, Guest Soprano, Flute, English Horn, Guitar, Piano & Slide Whistle.  World premiere:  07-2008/St. Peters Citicorp, NYC.  MA. Michael Laderman, flute; Sarah Davol, English horn; Paula Kimper, guitar; Margaret O'Connell, mezzo; Melissa Fogarty, soprano. Tamara Cashour, piano.

Second Major Performance:  01-2011/Brandeis University’s “ALIVE BY HER OWN HAND” Women Who Play Their Own Compositions Conference, Somerville, MA. Michael Laderman, flute; Sarah Davol, English horn; William Anderson, guitar; Margaret O'Connell, mezzo; Tamara Cashour, piano.


    1.  Late August
   2.  Literary Initiation 1960
   3.  Saturday Night Bile
   4.  Alba Near Imprunieta
   5.  Les Serpillières
   6.  Languedocienne




Theatre Production: 
BLOODY FIRE, UNCHASTE DESIRE 01-2012/TheatreLab, NYC/OperAvant, Inc. ( Cashour:  Composer, Conductor,  Soprano

Two commissions for this production:
FULL FATHOM FIVE—for Soprano soloist/Actress, SATB quartet, string quintet, synthesizer, percussion
FIE ON SINFUL FANTASY—for SATB quartet (must sing in microtones), tuba, percussion

OPERA LIBRETTO—DECONSTRUCTION                                                                                 :                                                                                

A new (1998) English translation from the 1958 French version adapted by Jean Cocteau from his 1930 play; Opera by Francis Poulenc.  In-progress:  a revision of my 1998 translation, incorporating new technologies.  World premiere:  05-1998/WINGS Theatre, NYC


SINGAPORE, aria for baritone and orchestra


PICCOLINO GIARDINO, for solo piccolo

CONTRA-INDICATION, for solo bassoon


BACH MADE ME DO IT:  Invention
for piano in Bach-style
'BALDI BUDDY Ol Pal: – Variations on Frescobaldi's CENTO PARTITE sopra PASSACAGLIA.  World premiere: 12-2016/Juilliard School/Lwellelyn Sanchez-Werner, piano



GOD BLESS THE CHILD--available to purchase here:  God Bless' The Child By Billie Holiday And Arthur Herzog Jr. - Digital Sheet Music For Score - Download & Print A0.930266 | Sheet Music Plus



SONG ARRANGEMENTS/LEAD SHEETS/PIANO REDUCTIONS/ORCHESTRATIONS (this represents a small selection only; please request as I can turn these around quickly!)

GOD BLESS THE CHILD (piano solo)                            AUTUMN LEAVES (ls)                   LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THINGS (ls)

THIS NEARLY WAS MINE (voice, piano)                       TARANTELLA (opera arr.)            MOSCOW NIGHTS (chromatic  modulation score)

BY THE RIVERS OF BABYLON (SAB choral)                  BACH 191 (piano reduction)      THE EMERALD TABLE OF HERMES (piano reduction)

POUR LE PIANO (Prelude only)



Presenter/”Provacateur”:  GETTYSBURG COLLEGE (for The Mayday Group):  The Impact of Music Technologies on Music Education, June 2014

Panelist:  THE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB, Washington, D.C:  Words and Music by Note-able Women panel discussion sponsored by The American Women Writers Museum, Janice Law, Director, October 2013

Presenter (Pianist/Composer):  BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY, Alive By Her Own Hand Conference--Women Composers Who Play Their Own Music:  Six Lyrics of Marilyn Hacker, January 2011

Presenter (Reader/Lecturer):  TRUMAN STATE UNIVERSITY:  Composing Women Conference--Deconstructing Poulenc-Cocteau’s LA VOIX HUMAINE, October 2010

Presenter (Lecturer/Video):  ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY:  National Association Of Women’s Studies Association Annual Convention--It Ain’t Over Til the Fat Lady Dies:  Feminist Flouting of Operatic Convention, June 1997 

Unpublished Paper:  Marilyn, The Opera:  The Persistence of Pathos:  an analysis of the New York City Opera’s 1993 staging of Ezra Laderman’s opera MARILYN (recommended for publication by Professor Peggy Phelan, Chair Performance Studies at NEW YORK UNIVERSITY [now at Stanford University]), 1993 


Women's Philharmonic Advocacy  Sample Review:

Musikproduktion Hoflich  Sample Preface:

IAWM Journal (International Journal of Women in Music) (request pdf)
The Barnard Bulletin (college newspaper of Barnard College) (request pdf)





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