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Forbearance, the Composition

Forbearance is an a capella composition for SATB chorus, birdcallers and electronic sound effects.
Duration: Exactly 6 minutes 22 seconds (6'22). Composed March, 2018 by Tamara Cashour

Text: Main poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Phrasal variations occur to suite the musical motif. Additional text by the composer (m. 87-91, full score) based on the original poem by Emerson. The composition is also influenced by two key quotes from Pablo Neruda and Pablo Casals, and the composer's paternal grandmother's grand passion as a birder.

Environmentally-Conscious: This composition may be considered an act of conservationist consciousness-raising about the current precariousness of Earth's resources and the mass extinctions of it's animal and plant inhabitants that have occurred in the past century.

Performance Considerations:  In this composition, humans are asked to imitate, as best they can, various birdcalls. Birdcalls may differ for each performance.  It is hoped that the live-process of learning and effectively producing a birdcall will contribute to consciousness-raising and inspire conservationist/protectionist efforts in both viewer and listener toward the natural creature/species who possesses this voice. One becomes cognizant that birds are not lesser creatures than humans, but differently endowed.  They contribute to the biosphere in unique and valuable ways, and are not to be maimed or killed to satisfy the superficial desires of human beings.

Score:  Forbearance is in preparation for publication.  Packet of birdcall study tapes available at no additional cost.  Thirty-seven birdcalls are notated; birdcalls may be substituted for those suggested, with permission of the composer.  Perusal copies available to Choral Directors/Conductors ONLY.  Please contact: or indicating your interest in the score, with the name of your choral organization.  Many thanks.




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